stitching 2 gopros together to create 180 VR footage???  

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stitching 2 gopros together to create 180 VR footage???

by Boleeboxer7 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:55 am

hi everyone we are having trouble stitching 2 gopro 4's together to create 180 degree VR footage. in each gopro (attacher are izugar lens) we can see the fish eye lens. how do we stitch them out of view and join them together? does anyone know if this is easy to do? or doesnt anyone have a workflow we can look at?


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Re: stitching 2 gopros together to create 180 VR footage???

by WayneBG » Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:10 am have a 3D pair,left camera & right camera, and want to create a 3D 180 video? I believe Kolor has already said they're not going to support this in another thread somewhere...

What you can do is load the left & right video into AVP, create a stereo project & assign the left and right videos then stitch.

In Giga you can then manually move the images around (yaw, pitch & roll) to try to get the 3D lined up, and set the field of view so you get 180 view coverage (or whatever coverage is appropriate for your lenses).

An alternative would be to use 3DCombine which can do the 3D alignment for you and create the equirectangular projection.

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