Memory leak on AVP 2.3.2, Macbook Pro 10.10   [SOLVED] - View the solution

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Memory leak on AVP 2.3.2, Macbook Pro 10.10  [SOLVED]

by skeeterou » Wed May 04, 2016 8:54 pm

I'm trying to render a 6 GoPro setup video (1440p 4:3 30fps, 30 minutes in length) using the latest Macbook Pro 15" with 16gb RAM in AVP 2. It crashes after about 15-20 minutes of render with AVP2 using 100% of my RAM. This is with no other programs open. I'm rendering a 1.5 minute video as I type, and I've included a screenshot of the memory usage through activity monitor as well as the error that pops up. This basically is making the program unusable. Any fix?

EDIT: When using EditReady to concatenate my videos, they got rewrapped (but not converted) as .mov files. I'm thinking this might be the issue. Will re-export as mp4 and report back.

EDIT 2: So it looks like that fixed the issue. I deleted the original project, and started from scratch. The original files were already h264, just in a .mov wrapper. I renamed the same files to use the mp4 extension, and no issues. So either the project file was corrupted, or renaming worked. Not sure which. Cheers. Hope this helps someone else with the same issue.
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