Black hole in Autopano Video render (while fine in APG)  

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Black hole in Autopano Video render (while fine in APG)

by urke » Wed May 04, 2016 10:45 am

There is a mismatch between my stitching in Autopano Giga and the corresponding timeline/render frames in Autopano Video Pro, where only the AVP render shows a tiny «black hole» at the nadir point (see the picture). The APG stitch is fine. I´m sure there is a simple solution, but I can´t seem to find it right now when I need it. I would greatly appreciate any help solving this.

(APG 4.2.3, AVP 2.3.2 - OS X. Have tried downgrading to AVP 2.2 with same result. Both renders to 2:1 pixel size)

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