Concatenate files in MPEGStreamclip   [SOLVED] - View the solution

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Concatenate files in MPEGStreamclip

by DesignGuru » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:20 pm


Hope someone here can assist me.
We are needing to concatenate GoPro files together but are having huge issues.

I am able to take 3 files and concatenate the files in MPEGStreamclip but when I try 4 files it does work. Have tried each of the 6 GoPros footage and its the same thing. All I can imagine is the file size/length thats causing issues possibly?

Whats the best and simplest way to concatenate video files which equate to +-1 hour in length?

Thanks in-advance.

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Re: Concatenate files in MPEGStreamclip  [SOLVED]

by vorken » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:56 am

I'm using ffmpeg method as it's described or here

Put list.txt with lines like this into folder with files to concatenate

file 'G:\Letniy_project\24.08.2015\2\100GOPRO\GOPR1299.MP4'
file 'G:\Letniy_project\24.08.2015\2\100GOPRO\GP011299.MP4'

ff-prompt.bat (don't now why, but couldn't make windows use ffmpeg through PATH in cmd by default), navigate to the folder and then use script
ffmpeg -f concat -i list.txt -c copy Cam01.mp4

Tried using MPEGStreamclip with no results

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