Autopano Video 1.5 panorama not opening in Giga  

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Autopano Video 1.5 panorama not opening in Giga

by phillyharper » Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:11 pm

So I just downloaded autopano video 1.5 and think it looks great. I stitched together 6 videos using the GoPro settings, and also with a preset template .pano. Once the reference panorama has been created, I try to edit it in Giga to correct horizon etc. Giga opens, but no pano opens, I just get a black screen.

I then try to manually open the pano it has created in my folder, but there is nothing in it. What am I doing wrong?

Giga opens, but no pano is present...?

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Re: Autopano Video 1.5 panorama not opening in Giga

by Annis » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:02 pm

The betas of Autopano Giga 3.5 and Autopano Video 1.5 go hand in hand, you can't edit your 1.5 video without APG 3.5, do you have it installed?

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