APV 3 and APG 4 edit function fail  

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APV 3 and APG 4 edit function fail

by Field_of_view » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:41 am

Hello there

We are new to your software and forum where we recently purchased both applications. Unfortunately we have found that many questions from users throughout the past year or so remain unanswered in these forums so I hope someone can help.

1. Why is it that APV does not update in realtime when an edit is made in APG? For example, I import my videos into APV, click "edit" and make my changes, add control points, etc. etc. in APG and the footage in APV DOES NOT update??? Specifically when I "crop" my footage in APG, the footage in APV does not render the cropped selection? All of my settings appear correct in both programs, but what gives? What am I missing?

I saved a .pano file and that doesn't make a difference.

FYI, APG crops the footage and renders a test image to my settings no problem, however APV does NOTHING! When I render the footage, I get a HUGE BLACK BORDER around my video which is unacceptable.

***** I want to upload some images to show you examples, however I receive an error that your "Board Attachment Quota has been reached"!!! My images are incredibly small...

Project Specs:
Video raster: 9904 x 2160
180 Deg video, not 360
3 RED Epic Weapon cameras, converted video imports just fine by the way so there is no problem there

2. When I "import" the .pano file into APV, the software shifts the center of the video or vanishing point and there doesn't seem to be a way to correct it unless I start over?? This is incredibly annoying!!
** - I know I can change the horizon and vanishing point in APG, however APV does not update the pano after I make my edits...

3. What is the difference between the Stitching tab and the Authoring tab in APV? Why is that under Stitching the video frame ZOOMS all of the way out making the video look like a postage stamp where you can't see anything and creating a black border around the footage. Remember I tried to "crop" the footage....

4. In the Authoring tab, the software allows you to zoom in but unfortunately is not incredibly accurate using the mouse wheel? And if you move to a different spot on the timeline, the video zooms all of the way out again. Why??? That's seriously annoying.
- - - Speaking of Authoring, when I do zoom in to fit the video to my preview window and create a look that may work for the output, why does APV further crop the footage? I am losing 30+ pixels of footage on the left and right side of my frame?
- is there a way to create a non-uniform raster? Why are the Width and Height fixed and why doesn't APV use the settings created by APG??

Hope that makes sense, I appreciate the help.

Thank you very much

~ Tom
Boeing Company

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