concept behind stitching motion 360 videos  

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concept behind stitching motion 360 videos

by LBernos » Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:20 am


Im just wondering about the concept of stitching 360 videos.

Stitching a 360 video starts with stitching a reference photo of the video right? So when you stitch it correctly, you will have a working spherical panorama as starting point for your 360 video. This panorama will be the reference stitch for the 360 video.

My question is, if the stitch of the reference photo is good, the stitch of your 360 video starting point is good, why does when the camera start to move the stitches start showing uneven objects all around? whereas it should be all good since you created a perfect starting reference photo?

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Re: concept behind stitching motion 360 videos

by LoicB » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:53 am

Even if the stitch is absolutely perfect in your reference panorama, movements often mean that there will be changes in the parallax situation, meaning that the stitch will not be 100% adapted to other frames. If in your first stitch, objects were 5 meters away from your rig and when you move some objects get closer while some get further, suddenly the stitching will start to show some parallax artefacts.
To counter that effect you can use smooth blending or create different states in the stitch timeline to do some adaptive stitching (see this video for more info on this :

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