8 cameras messed up stitch in AVP  

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8 cameras messed up stitch in AVP

by LBernos » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:59 pm


Im using an 8 camera Git2 Action cam rig.. on my past 360 video edits, everything seem fine and stitching well. I stitch it at lens model 19mm fisheye.

Now I tested another one, and after I stitch it on AVP, the stitching is messed up and cant even produce a normal reference photo on the realtime preview!

see below:


Am I missing something? I updated the software just today, does it have effect on it? please help!


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Re: 8 cameras messed up stitch in AVP

by LoicB » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:03 am

Hi Lino,
Different issues seem at play here :
- First, using 19mm fisheye seems like it isn't the right FOV. The camera apparently has a 170° FOV, so the focal length should be way smaller than 19mm. I recommend you make a preset for your camera following this tutorial and using a panoramic head : http://www.kolor.com/wiki-en/action/vie ... era_preset

- your apparently tried to stitch your footage using a moment in your video when the rig was on the ground, with few elements for the software to find control points. Try to find another moment in your video if you are stitching at current position, or try range stitching with more positions to get a better result.

- If you already have stitched some footage from this rig with the exact same configuration, you can also use some template stitching : http://www.kolor.com/wiki-en/action/vie ... _templates

Hope this helps.

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