GoPro Omni - Audio sync required?  

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GoPro Omni - Audio sync required?

by decurgia » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:19 am

Hi all

I am currently taking some videos using a GoPro Omni with a TentacleSync hooked up to Camera 6.
(TentacleSync injects Audio TimeCode to channel 0, internal microphone is recorded to channel 1.)
In post-processing I do want to sync the rendered video using the TimeCode information.


(GoPro Omni on Top, TentacleSync behind Ball-head, Sennheiser VR Mic in front of Tripod, Zoom F8 below Tripod)

While viewing the stitched output of AVP I notice that in some scenes I am visible twice - which does not happen while previewing in AVP. Also I notice some difference in my movement, Camera 1 and Camera 5 seem to be not 100% sync...

Now I have some questions around GoPro Omni and AVP:
- Do you usually sync GoPro Omni footage using audio? I initially bought the camera because it says pixel level sync and I thought I could skip the sync part in post.
- Is there a trick sync the GoPros more accurate? Should I set the date/time every time I turn the cameras on?
- Which audio channels are being used from AVP in order to sync using audio? In my case channel 0 of Camera 6 would be useless to analyze.


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Re: GoPro Omni - Audio sync required?

by LoicB » Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:35 pm

With the Omni the synchronization is absolutely 100% accurate.
You appearing twice is an issue due to parallax that you should be able to correct in APG with masks and Control points, with the Omni we know it has nothing to do with synchronization.
With high movements, especially in very bright situations (full sun, snow etc...), rolling shutter can create some distortions that make the stitch lines more visible, this could also be the issue with some of your footage.

Regarding the sound sync, i'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with the tentaclesync as the Omni is already synchronized.

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