re-sync / re-stabilize  

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re-sync / re-stabilize

by talkingdog » Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:17 pm

Ok here is a problem I'm hovering around trying to figure out.

I sync a project, get confirmation that it's good then stitch and stabilize and adjust the horizon. I later realize that the sync seems to be off after I export a test. I adjust frames manually and export again and maybe it looks more in sync.

Should I restabilize it after I've manually resynced? I sometimes get cameras that seem like they are shaking more than they should. It only dawned on me that it may be the stabilization fighting with the new frame. After restabilizing I will have to redo all the horizon adjustments?

Does this make sense? I'm getting a little confused if it's the actual camera vibration, rolling shutter, stabilization algorithm or sync.

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Re: re-sync / re-stabilize

by LoicB » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:35 pm

Hi !
You don't need to re-stabilize in that case. Stabilization in AVP doesn't work on individual cameras, but on limiting the overall movements of the sphere. 100% of stabilization will indeed make rolling shutter and camera shakiness issues more visible at the seams. It's always a compromise between the amount of stab you are using and the visibility of the stitch lines.

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