Best 3D 360 rig far now  

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Best 3D 360 rig far now

by jesusrg » Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:11 pm

Hello, after trying 360heros rig, izugar Z6X3D, and Ninja 600, i think Ninja 600 is the best to go 3D 360 right now in this kinds of rigs.
220º fov with really high quality lenses with custom firmware of hero 4 black to remove pink vigneting, allowing to shot in 4k 16:9, very bright lenses at Fstop 2.0. i get an output render of almost 6k in autopano. Its an open rig allowing access to all camera things like buttons, usb, battery, sd card, and is not getting hot like izugar that the cameras turn off at 20min. i can record 1.5hrs with no problem.
The only drawback is the position not aligned of each left-right pair that give you a stitch line slightly diferent for each eye but easy solvable with masks in autpano. ... -gopro-rig
I hope this lines will help you.
Best regards.

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