Peau 1.21mm f/2.0 220d HFOV Lens Profiles  

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Peau 1.21mm f/2.0 220d HFOV Lens Profiles

by jesusrg » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:25 pm

Hello, i get last friday 6 Gopro with Peau 220 Fov lenses and Ninja 600 rig, i get much better final definition at same resolution (3840x2160) than izugar Z6X3D-C, because the 220 fov lenses let mi record at 4K 16:9 instead of 2,7K 4:3 of izugar ones, but they only provide some templates and no lens profile like izugar, i made my custom lens profile based on stitched content i did improving the RMS from Peau Templates, but i think the profile is not perfect, i get 2.30 RMS and want to improve that. I see the lastest version have Entaniya 220 lens profile, are you going to include Peau 220 soon? or how i can create one with perfect data?. Thanks.
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