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Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:18 pm
by AvatarMedia
We are using the 360 Heros, 3DH3Pro14 Rig. We shot the footage at 2.7k 4:3

The sky is all blue (see attached photo), therefore, there are no points where Autopano Video Pro (2.3) and Autopano Giga (4.2) can find to place on top of the other cameras in order to stitch properly. I have attached an example of what this looks like when the sky is overlapping the sand instead of being stitched into it's proper place.
Clear Blue Sky

Sky is overlapping the sand rather than fitting into the black hole.

I tried again by using a bird that flies across (not 100% sure if it's the same bird) and manually selecting the pixels in the CP editor to link the two together. However, it still doesn't seem to place the sky in the right place. Attached pictures below.
I found a bird that flew across both cameras to try and manually link them together.

I linked the two birds together.

The result was closer than before, however since it's only one camera the sky still doesn't link properly to the other camera angles.

I have tried using different syncing functions, such as, the current position, the current selection (using times where birds fly through the cameras) and different camera models, but nothing seems to do the trick. :(

Is there a template for stitching together the 14 camera (3D) Rig? Any suggestions on how I can tell the program to properly place the left and right eye across the black holes you see in the picture example?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me!

Re: Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:43 am
by AustinT
If the camera shooting the sky never has the ground in it you may be able to just move/rotate it in place and not worry about stitching. I have done this and find it works better than trying to stitch uncertain points that may affect the entire image.

Re: Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:33 am
by AvatarMedia
Thank you for your quick response.

Can I move just that camera using the tools in autopano giga? Or is there a different way you are talking about to place the clip there without actually stitching it on to the other angles?

Re: Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:01 am
by AustinT
Yes just bump it using the tools in autopano Giga . If there is anything that needs to line up such as a bird you will only worry about that particular part . The rest of it will blend together

Re: Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:56 pm
by jesusrg
The best is to make a template for your rig shooting in some place that have enough detail fitures all arround to get a decent RMS and then use that .pano as template for others shoots without too much detail as your blue sky or night shooting.

Re: Clear Blue Sky = Stitching Issues  [SOLVED]

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:25 pm
by AvatarMedia
I do have some footage at another location that has had enough information in order to stitch properly... However, I am unsure how to make a template from that? I will continue to do some research on it, but if you know of a solution, that would be very helpful. Thank you!