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Workflow with multiple continuous 360 files?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:00 pm
by pcenginefx
I'm using two of the Kodak SP360 4K cameras. They only support FAT32 so the max recorded file size is around 4GB per file. After around ~9mins of recorded video, it starts up a new file and keeps making new files every ~9mins.

To retain the highest quality during editing and to make sure AVP syncs without cutting any frames out, I need to give AVP one complete video to stitch. To do this, I bring all of the ~9min files into Premiere Pro, and export as MOV/Cineform (again, to retain highest quality).

Then I import the newly combined video into AVP (but AVP CRASHES, due to this issue: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=30946). Since the issue isn't fixed yet, does anyone else have a solution to bringing in multiple continuous 360 files into AVP?

Re: Workflow with multiple continuous 360 files?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:46 pm
by jesusrg
Dont use Premiere just join the files with ffmpeg without reencoding so you keep the best quality.
Best regards.