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Synchronizing longer videos than 4 GByte

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:47 pm
by Charly3
Preparing "a day with" shot, so we´ll have several hours of material that has to be stitched without the loss of a single Frame even if it´s splitted in 4GB Units automatically by GoPros. How to solve this? Arranging single sets of pairing 4 GByte files will force o loss of some files at the beginning and end.

Re: Synchronizing longer videos than 4 GByte

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:01 pm
by Amidee
you're really lucky as I just had this exact problem and made a bash script to organize the files.
It's in Italian so sorry for the folder names in Italian and comments in Italian (:
It only works on mac.
you can download it here ... ne.command

I hope you're at least a bit familiar with the command line interface.
I made it for my workflow so it's a bit rough on the edges and needs a precise file organization, that is
/Parent folder/Cam1/
/Parent folder/Cam2/
/Parent folder/Cam3/
... etc
with all the files inside each cam folder in order and no holes in the takes or extra files. Just the mp4 files (htm and lrv files won't interfere tho I think)

You can call Cam1, Cam2 etc whatever you want, but keep in mind that the script divides different takes into subfolders and names the camera files based on the folder name.

You must have ffmpeg installed for this to work.

If you want the script just to concatenate all the files and not reorganize anything, you just have to add a # at the beginning of the lines containing "pulizia" and "spostamento $directory" in Textedit so it won't move anything around.
Keep in mind that concatenation is a fairly long process; it takes me pretty much 1:1 time (1 second per second of footage) on an external normal USB3 drive.

Step by step:
.Open terminal (you can just search terminal in Spotlight)
.type cd and then add a space
.drag the parent folder (yes, literally drag it) over the terminal window (the folder path should be typed in automatically)
.press enter
.drag the script file on the terminal folder
.press enter

go grab a drink

I'm here if you need additional info