which mount hole should i use for the h3pro7?  

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which mount hole should i use for the h3pro7?

by 42VR » Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:54 am

hi, i am just starting to try and use my h3pro7 rig for the first time.
it has a number of holes to screw in the mount for the tripod, so i was wondering which one would be best?
does it make any difference?
it's all a spherical anyway i guess, but i wonder if the mount hole makes any difference in the stitching process…is one or another easier to stitch with less seams?

and i might as well ask another question now…i haven't tried it in Panotour Pro yet…but i am wondering if i can place a spherical video after i've stitched it in AVP first, in a panorama in a similar way that i can place a regular video in a panorama?
i wonder if it would just play, or if you could actually navigate within the spherical video INSIDE the panorama, like you can when it is a standalone spherical video?…

i definitely need to play around myself, but thought i would try and jumpstart the process and see if anyone has tried something like this yet?



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Re: which mount hole should i use for the h3pro7?

by Rata » Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:24 am

It dont matter all that much, but trying to use a hole that lets you keep stiching away from wital areas is nice. and a level horizon is really nice.
Just use the holes that fit the occation and think more about what way your cameras are looking and the light settings. Esp with gopro wide angle. You will get a lot of under / over expoced film to work with if a kamera is pointed sorta indoors, ish.

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