Diferent fps. How to convert 60 to 48 fps?  

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Diferent fps. How to convert 60 to 48 fps?

by pevans » Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:14 am

Hi there!

I commited the mistake of having one of the 6 gopro in 60 fps, and the other five cameras in 48.

So now I need to convert some the (hero 3 black) mp4 1080 videos from 59.94 to 47.94 fps (47.94 precisely). I'm using Premiere Pro CS 6

I tried Interpreting footage and setting the new rate, but when I want to export the new video I get the message of Scratch disk full (I have 1.47 tb free). When I export with the original fps it works fine.

Do you know a way to convert the video fps and preserve all the other characteristics?
Thanks in advance.

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