Best workflow?  

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Best workflow?

by Skogberg » Thu May 23, 2013 7:37 am


I have recently gotten the 360 freedom rig and 6 Go pro 3 Black edition. I am also trying out the Autopano Video. But I have a number of questions regarding filming and taking 360 panoramas with the Go pro cameras.

I would love to see a video, or hearing how a professional 360 filmmakers workflow looks like. How does he prepare for a shoot? What considerations does he take before filming indoors and outdoors? What software is he using? How does he transfer the files to the computer? If he is using Autopano video,how does he color correct the footage and what preset/size does he output the footage in? To what server does he upload the footage? What is the price for that server? If he has done a film for an organisation and want to embed it to the organisations web site, how does he do it?

And if he also takes 360 panorama pictures with the 360 cameras, what process is a great one? There are several software to choose between and not easy to understand which ones to use.

So please, if you have found a good best practice I would love to hear about it.


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