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Markus W.
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Panoshoot Mailfunktion

by Markus W. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:08 pm

I've bought a Panoshoot in May 2013.

Since Update to Firmware 99 i'm not able to get Firmware 100. Panoshoot connect to the Router but can't establish a connection to the Internet.


What is the difference between Hardware Revision B and D? I saw in the Forum a Snapshot from a new Module which is Revison D. Could that be the Reason of many Problems with my Panoshoot?



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Re: Panoshoot Mailfunktion

by vic » Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:51 pm


I just bought my panoshoot module and have never used anything like this before. But I got it working at my home and connected to the Wi-fi there. Went through all the steps in the tutorial videos on YouTube. BUT, when I got to my studio to try it out it did not establish connection. I remember I checked at home that the version was 100 which is I think the newer one. It could be a multitude of reasons for not connecting like my wireless router here at the studio could have a different security setup and its just not allowing anything to connect. Who know's! But I hope that since Kolor has now gotten control over the code for the Panoshoot device that they will improve the system. Bad thing is when some tech is new the systems bugs have to be worked out and we are like the beta testers of it! I hope Lionel Laissus will push for quick developments in this system.
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