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by » Mon May 06, 2013 3:21 am

Please do not post anything in this topic. This topic is only for Panoshoot Announcements.

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by » Mon May 06, 2013 4:20 am

Firmware Upgrade 98 is now available and for some will replace Firmware Upgrade 97 which had a motion limitation bug. You can download the files here Main changes in this update is the fixing of the presets profile functions and adding the function to upgrade the firmware of the motorized mount. After this update is initiated please wait at least 30 seconds and perform a power-cycle (turn off the panohead). For those upgrading from Firmware version 96 you will be required to upgrade to Firmware 97 first and then upgrade from Firmware Build 97 to 98. Those upgrading from Firmware Version 95 can upgrade to version 98 directly. Upgrade 98 has the following changes which include modification originally found in Firmware Build 97. Be sure to power-cycle (turn-off the Panogear after each update).

Website Update: v1.98

- Runner default definition (and linked profile) for joystick control. Select the default mosaic to run when you hold the physical joystick button down for 4 seconds.</li>
- Activate profile.mosaic and preset limits
- Graphical sweep representation in mosaic shows the limit area in red
- Picpoints table in presets show unreachable limit points in red include motor controller firmware update in update.html
- Automatically refreshes page when configuration changes are made to appearance
- Composite XML files so all sessions are saved in one XML file
- Option to automatically download session XML file automatically after each session
- Wi-Fi button names at startup
- save preset Picpoints
- # of picpoints after being inserted or deleted
- running presets mosaic function

Firmware v98:
- handles motor controller firmware upgrade for Panogear and Skywatcher Allview mounts through Panoshoot over Wi-Fi
- handles limits in profile, mosaic, preset and session
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by javqui » Wed May 08, 2013 12:07 pm

Update to build 99.
Use the internet update system in panogear settings menu.
As usual: Do not power off the module until the update finish!!!.
NOTE: Build99 will require a power cycle AFTER the 30 seconds countdown timer.
The system could not restart automatically after the 30 seconds.

Please wait for the timer to finish, power off, power on and then reconnect to WiFi network if its necessary want to .

Build 99 Its a small update that include an important improvement and clean bug for the panogear adaptative driver released in build98.
Also fix a bug with the "subject distance” calculation (it was inverted).

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