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by gkaefer » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:09 pm

A feature I miss on all Kolor products (autopano, panotour and now also for NH) is the possibility to save my settings as a preset.
in current NH it would be than possible to apply the settings to other images by loading the preset file.

so in case of NH: a save button with dialog to name the preset and values like Positioning (fore/background), Correction Intensity (Fore/background), Haze Mask and Preview option)

I miss this alsofor autopano - I dont mean the save project option because here the settings are combined with the sourceimages of the project. I mean the possibility to save all set settings & options in form of a named presetfile, so I can create basic starting points for different panos. So if I find for one kind of pano suitable settings and values I can reuse them later if coming back to a similar project.


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by ygilquin » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:13 pm

We know that presets are valuable, but Neutralhazer core algorithm doesn't allow us to provide such a mechanism.

When you launch Neutralhazer filter, it starts by scanning the input image to create the haze map. User settings allow planes positioning and corrections based on this map. Two different images won't produce the same map and thus saving current settings to reapply them on another image won't produce the result you're expecting.
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