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Time lapse tools

by ozbigben » Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:40 pm

Now that I'm up and running one of the things I'll be finishing is a database (Filemaker) to generate presets for different things.

While I could possibly program in some math for interpolating between points, for the most part I'll be looking at ways to quickly get the numbers from another app. Since I also use Terragen, a tool like Campath http://www2.cs.uh.edu/~somalley/campath.html comes to mind. I already have a method to convert the data from this into tab delimited text for Terragen2 so it should be a relatively trivial process to convert this to a preset for PW. There are a few manual steps involved but it's relatively quick. I'll build it with releasing a runtime in mind if anyone else wants to play with it.

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