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Chicago w/ disposable cameras...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:36 pm
by ckiely
Just thought it would be fun and funky to shoot some playful photos from a trip to Chicago using disposable cameras and changing the orientation of the camera a bit to add some odd egdes. Scanned the negatives in w/ a film scanner.

Hancock Building

Hancock Building Observatory View

Navy Pier

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:44 am
by capacious
Oh these are great ckiely! definately fun!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:59 am
The more I see black and white panos the more I want to try that...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:30 pm
by taf
nice shot !

PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:28 am
by adhack
Nice job at capturing the entire Hancock Tower. Looks like a bit of barrel distortion int he middle, but nice scene anyway.