Boston Skyline - Suggestions for fixes  

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Boston Skyline - Suggestions for fixes

by Ryan0751 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:27 pm

I shot the following panorama of the Boston Skyline this weekend:

I think it came out pretty nice, but would like to know if I can easily fix the stitching errors in the water?

I did have to correct the small boats, I used the "keep object" markers, and they came out decent.

I had to stop shooting a bunch of times in the water to wait for boats to pass, etc.

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by Artisan New » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:08 am

Yes, 2 options.....

1) In Render settings window check the box "diamond weiging" will help the edges blend better, if you are lucky....this does the trick without distroying the shouldn't do that but since these code is itterative it's a bit hard to predict what the code does and where it does it.

So if this does not help.....or better created artefacts....

2) Make another run without the "diamond weighing" option checked....

Make 2 layers in P-shop.....or the image editor du jour....I use Gimp.

Then blend the 2 together using a's labour intensive I know.....and of course if all fails (it happens) your left with the clone brush......

I know water is a pest to shoot (I live in Holland were water is sort of plenty available).

Greets, Ed.
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