Tests with awkward panos  

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Tests with awkward panos

by Jeefus » Mon Feb 13, 2006 12:07 pm

As I am awaiting the Mac version before purchase, I have been playing with the PC demo version. This means that all my panos are watermarked... hence I have not used the software to produce any of my better panos for showing just yet.

However, I have been able to use the demo version for a bit of quality testing. I've thrown a load of my really awful panos at it. The ones that are either difficult to stitich, are handheld/off the nodal point, or which have horrible colour variations. I've put a page of the results up on my web space with the autopano results next to the output from other panotools/enblend based software solutions. In each case I have uploaded the raw uncorrected output so you can see any errors that each solution produces. The images can be seen here:


Generally I am very impressed with the Autopano results. Especially where colour variation is concerned, the colour correction / blending engine has done a fantastic job. The only areas of complaint are that the angle of view on a couple of the pictures is not being reported correctly and the tripod ghost is clearly visible over the "straight down no tripod" shot in the Martin's Garden 360x180.

Keep up the good work guys... anything that can manage this well with my worst efforts is a very remarkable piece of software.

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