import audio file types besides MP3 for better looping  

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import audio file types besides MP3 for better looping

by john-at-burn » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:41 pm

Hello. I posted this question in the Bugs forum earlier under "looping mp3 audio without a gap", but the mod suggested i add it here. When we add a looping sound to our panorama in PTP, there is an audible gap every time it reaches the loop point. The WAV sound we're using has been carefully edited to loop properly in our audio editor but when we convert it to MP3 and add to the project it has this problem. In this case the sound is wind noise and waves from a beach so the audible gap is very noticeable. From what i have read, this issue is a known problem with MP3s. So my request is would it be possible to include other sound formats besides MP3 in a future release? Because other formats like WAV and AAC apparently do not have this limitation.

Apologies if this has been brought up before. I wasn't able to find it through searching this forum.

For now i have just extended the audio so that it only loops after about 1 minute, making it less of a problem, but still not ideal.

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