reorganize file creation: create a folder with index and dat  

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reorganize file creation: create a folder with index and dat

by hnfo » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:42 pm

It would be much easier to organize panorama tours on your hard disk, if every job would be together in one folder:

Jobfolder: containing...

the .kpt file
another folder with the actual panotour:
nnndata folder (nnn named according to filename chosen in "Built"
nnn.html -> which should be always named index instead of filename.html to have an easier link (just folder name instead of folder/nnn.html as a link.

I do this manually, but that could be much better done by the system.

What do you think about this? Maybe I overlooked something and this is possible today?


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Re: reorganize file creation: create a folder with index and

by Cliquetsy » Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:29 am

Erm... Well, if you go to File > Save project (extended) as... then your project is saved in the destination folder with any and every source material used for the tour (so panos, pdf files, buttons and the like) so it would simply be a matter of saving the project in the same place as your built tour.

Perhaps adding an option (not checked by default) in the build tab to add in an "extended" save in the build folder when you've completely finished your tour and are building it for the last time... but if you make your own manual edits after you wouldn't want that so the simple extended save should be enough!

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