More Flash Feature Options.. & JavaScript Embedding  

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More Flash Feature Options.. & JavaScript Embedding

by Destiny » Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:48 am

Hi.. I realise that Flash is on its way out but..; No one really knows when. It might be years or someone else might even buy it and take it over for all we know... So, lets assume Flash is here for a few more years to come, which I believe it will be..

Taking the above into consideration, I would like to request that features of flash AS, embedded movies etc are able to work within a pano. At the moment they don't seem to work, well not as I want them to anyway..

I would also like to see more options of adding JavaScript, since at the moment its very limited.

I was trying to add dynamic fog to this test pano but .... I will not play.. :( I am assuming its a protocol issue with ptp.. :rolleyes:

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