Integrate all single tours into 'Alltour"  

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Integrate all single tours into 'Alltour"

by Mateusz Malinowski » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:06 pm

Hello kolor team

I use panotour pro to create tours. Many tours. One tour include x numbers of panoramas.
Some tours have static map (jpeg file), some don't have. Some have audio sounds, miniatutes, logo ... Some dont' have. And different buttons (no sound on/off if don't use audio sounds.
I would like to SIMPLE integrate my many tours with x numbers of panoramas into ONE BIG TOUR to actualize them when create new single tour. It is my 'personal street view'.

Did You Wondered about it to add this functionality to the panotour?
Maybe something like
- create 'AllTour' / actualize "AllTour"
- import main xml file/s (xml from tours exported with panotour pro) - main xml from 1 tour, main xml from 2 tour , 3,4,5 ...
- use google/bing/openstreet maps to show all tours
- select first tours to show on start
- do NOT delete static maps/plans, suunds, miniatures from single tours
- other (one tour of 2 streets - we can add 2 point to 'Alltour' maps; in my example just 1 at current)
- integrate and export - export 'Alltour' file but NOT tiles. "Alltour" xml should reffer to folder tiles from single tours. Why duplicate? (Option - new tiles or reffer).

I am not master of krpano coding but here is my example. Unfotunantly I had to delete single sounds, static maps/plans, lists, miniatutes, because I have bugs. A reffer to tiles from single tours folders.

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