root node krpano and include node  

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root node krpano and include node

by gkaefer » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:07 pm

if you develope currently themes for panotour 1.8 you've 2 places for your theme xmls that work together:
...\Panotour Pro 1.8\Kolor\Templates\themes\
and inside that xml file under the node <PTTheme name="themename" the according config for your theme is loaded in the "menu" node <menu file="teme...configuration.xml" which itself is located under
...\Panotour Pro 1.8\Kolor\Templates\menu\

so in consequence currently its not possible to use krpano xml code (in panotour theme files) which is placed inside the <krpano> root node, and one special I miss is the <include> option.
So its not possible to split up the theme configuration file into logical parts (in my special case more than 3500 lines of xml code.)

So hopefully this will be possible to use the <krpano> node <include> mechanism in panotour 2.x themes. So spliiting the themeconfig files to seperate logical content will be possible.

Liebe Gruesse,

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