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HTML Background Color Options

by the707 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:31 am



In my tours I make frequent use of the HTML hotspot option (see the example below). As most of my tours are darker (night clubs, restaurants etc.) I prefer to use a darker background color (black) for these HTML hotspots - which I like to call Info Boxes.

The only way I have been able to modify the background color of my Info Boxes is via XML. Which looks something like this (declared after the width, and Font Face for the "X"):

<plugin name="spot16html" url="virtualtourdata/graphics/textfield.swf" html="data:spot16htmldata" visible="false" alpha="0" align="center" width="400" height="250" roundedge="4" background="true" backgroundcolor="#000000" bordercolor="0xFFFFFF"/>
<hotspot name="spot17" onclick="closeglobalobjects();closeallobjects();set(plugin[spot17html].visible,true);tween(plugin[spot17html].alpha, 1);" url="virtualtourdata/graphics/spots/spot7.png" onhover="showtext(Club Chair Seating);" ath="369.239" atv="27.5659" width="40" height="40"/>
<data name="spot17htmldata">
<p align="right">
<font face="Arial" color="#FFFFFF">
<a href="event:tween(alpha, 0);delayedcall(0.5,set(visible,false));">
<include url="infobox/club_chair_seating.html"/>

The Problem:

The obvious problem from defining the background color and the close ("X") via the XML is that any change to the tour via PTP, regardless of how minor, overwrites all of my XML changes.

So after each edit that the client requests and I make in PTP, I then have to go back and recode every HTML hotspot via XML back to black background (with rounded corners too, because it looks nice). In a tour with 20 panos and 10 - 15 html hotspots per pano this becomes quite tedious.

The Proposed Solution:

I believe (or at least hope) it would be fairly simple to add another parameter to the existing HTML hotspot dialogue to be able to select the background color, much like the width and height are done now. I have attached a mock up of what this might look like.

While I didn't include it in the example it would probably be important to be able to define the color of the close button ( the "X"). If your feeling extra generous, rounded corners and border color would be greatly appreciated as well. ;)



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