Bug - Overlaying Rectangular Hotspots  

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Bug - Overlaying Rectangular Hotspots

by freakj » Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:55 pm


There's a bug when rectangular hotspots do overlay.

For example:
I make a big rectangulat hotspot and assign an image. After i want to cover this image with some small rectangular hotspots and assign a panorama. The first one is working well, but when i add 2 or more rectangular hotspots, the panorama links do not show up anymore.
Please note: The small hotspots do not cover each, they do just cover the big one in the background.

Its working but just one the three one hotspots.
This is realy pitty, because this way to use panotour would open a new range of possibilities to working with.

Would be happy if you could fix this issue in future.
Thanks and best regards


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