HELP: BUG found in Pano Tour Pro with External Paramaters  

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HELP: BUG found in Pano Tour Pro with External Paramaters

by mkintner » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:20 pm

Can we make this fix in the next release!

GOAL: Setup a HTML file to send parameters into the XML file on load. The goal was to setup multiple HTML files to load different default panos upon load. In the HTML file I would use a parameter called startup and add its variable to the viewer in the inital startup script. Discovered multiple issues when trying to perform this task.

PROBLEM: It appears to be a bug in the KOLOR generate SWL file and produces this error. FATAL: %$startup% - loading error (IO Error) This may be because KOLOR has turned on "disable external parameters" but I can't seem to find this.

TEMP RESOLUTION NOT PERFECT AND STILL PROBLEMS: I downloaded the new krpano.swf file and it worked however now I have licensing issue because I purchased the PANO TOUR PRO through KOLOR.

SUGGESTION: I noticed in all the KOLOR code generation they are NOT using createPanoViewer. This is a problem because if you want to add your own custom work such as variables you can't. Instead KOLOR creates the inital pano via embedpano (see below)
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and limits your ability to customize your tour. When instead it should follow krpano direction of:
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   var viewer = createPanoViewer({swf:"Test100Year.swf",target:"panoDIV",wmode:"transparent"});
   viewer.addVariable("startup", "Test100Year0.xml");

Then in the startup XML file Test100Year.xml you can add the variable and all would be fine:
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  <!--************** Open the first pano ********************************************************-->
  <!--*** <include url="Test100Year0.xml"/>
  <include url="%$startup%"/>

Another option may be that KOLOR has turned on "disable external parameters" but I can't seem to find this.

Any help PLEASE, because I am right in the middle of a huge project and this limit is causing some big issues.

Thank you in advance for your help. :)

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by mediavets » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:37 pm

mkintner wrote:TEMP RESOLUTION NOT PERFECT AND STILL PROBLEMS: I downloaded the new krpano.swf file and it worked however now I have licensing issue because I purchased the PANO TOUR PRO through KOLOR.

There is no problem - just export the krpano license from PTP using Help/Licenses.

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by bdd » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:39 pm


embedPano vs createPanoViewer
The 2 default HTML templates are there as samples.
You can create as many HTML template as you want.
Just choose the "Edit/Open Templates Directory" menu entry in Panotour Pro.
Then create your own template by copying one of our html web page and one of its subdirectory.
The subdirectory should have same name as the html file. Its content will be copied by Panotour Pro in the tour directory.

add variables to a viewer
To be able to add external variables to a viewer you need to restrict the usage of your player to one (or some) domain(s).
Use the "Restricted domains" field in the "Project Properties" tab.

Load a specific pano at start
You are right, to be able to load a specific pano at start you'll have to remove the line
Code: Select all
<include url="Test100Year0.xml"/>

But if you want to load the pano that is in your "startup" variable, just add a call to loadpano in the action : "startaction" :

Code: Select all
<krpano version="" logkey="false" onstart="startaction">
    <action name="startaction">

Be aware that many Panotour Pro "start" features will not be available (Little Planet, Splash Screen, etc...), because in 1.8 version of PTP, some start code is written in the XML file of the first panorama.
This part should be fixed in the 2.0 version of PTP.


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by d1ufo » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:48 am

Hi bdd,

I did everything you said in the post before but its still not working. I typed in the restricted adress and exported the panorama. Modified the virtualtour.xml and the virtualtour.html but its not working. Kinda confusing.

Here ist the html:

<script src="swfobject/swfkrpano.js"></script>
<div id="container">
<h1>Project : virtualtour</h1>
<div id="panoDIV" style="height:90%;">
var viewer = createPanoViewer({swf:"virtualtorswf",target:"panoDIV"});
viewer.addVariable("start", "virtualtour0.xml");

And here the xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- for xml compliance -->
<!-- Generated By Kolor Panotour 1.8.0 -->
<krpano version="" logkey="false" onstart="startaction">
<action name="startaction">
<action name="mainloadpano">
ifnot(stopSequence === undefined,interruptAnimation(););
<plugin name="gyro" url="virtualtourdata/graphics/gyro.js" devices="ipad|iphone" keep="true" enabled="true"/>
<!--************** KrPano Pluginsund Daten ****************************************************-->
<plugin name="data" firstPanoHasBeenPlayed="false" soundOn="true" keep="true"/>
<!--************** Das erste Pano à¶ffnen ******************************************************-->

What am I doing wrong? Pse help

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