Html5: PanoTourPro versus Pano2VR  

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by gkaefer » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:59 pm

Francesco wrote:So, ok it is not possible anymore to answer all of you individual...I think there is also no need, it is great as it is. Many insights, themes, point of views are spoken! I think it is really great, love it and learning! Hey we are creating no?
Let us just do that. Let us push some buttons at in a possitive way!
Another thing I wanted to mention...just as an idea: Imagine is infact able to bring software on the market that is really mind blowing ALL of us...not possible? It is for sure a matter of Budget! That is my point: is it really realistic to expect a software with such capacity and possibilities we all are happy and extatic with for many months, years...for the price they are offering it right now on the market? Let us be honest it is a price catogory NOT for professionals, one can not really say it is a huge investment compared to what you make with it. So why not challence and confront them that we expect something revolutionary from them, soon,...let us get them to produce a really professional software! Today it is the time to do exactly that...I feel.
(ok, it is sunday, I am on a holiday and yes I had my aperitiv...that is why i feel inspired alive and kicking!)

Cheers, Francesco

panotour now gets the official GUI of krpano.
Thats a lot more than just a sentance. This includes that in real future all krpano stuff is supported by panotour pro. This in logic must include some sort of automatism that the plugins and many many new feautres of krpano that get implemented very rapidly get automatically available inside panotours GUI. So this in next logical step includes that krpano and panotour must have some sort of API to achieve this.

so this will also give the plugin developer a boost because their products must not only be used and configured by nerds able to configure xml ;-)

the new panotour template API/machine will also give develpers the platform for a big audience, hey hwo many companies does offer templates for wordpress & co....

live videos inside a panotour via some klicks... no seperate video rendering software anymore needed saving thousands of software costs...

how many more do you expect for an 80€ update fee ;-))



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