[Panotour Pro 1.5 beta 1] 3D Editor: Panorama View  

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[Panotour Pro 1.5 beta 1] 3D Editor: Panorama View

by gkaefer » Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:30 am

I'm testing with a .kro file exported from APG 2.5b1
I tested it with normal default export values (8gb filesize .kro)
and additional I used an reduced fiulesize because of not exported alpha layer (6 gb filesize .kro)

in both cases if I create a new ptp 1.5b1 project and add the .kro file the 3D Editor window remains empty (black)
I tested it as spherical pano and as planar pano. in both cases black/empty 3D Editor window...

win7 64bit 8GB ram GPU enabled MultiCore (8) enabled)

Liebe Gruesse,

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