Changing speed of Keyboard / Button moving  

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Changing speed of Keyboard / Button moving

by ATXcloud » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:39 pm


I've been looking at editing the speed of rotation for the keyboard and arrow buttons.
On the krpano's site there is and

It appears I would be editing/adding:
Code: Select all

to these lines in the main Build.xml

Code: Select all
    <plugin name="moveleft" crop=" 88|0|44|44" devices="flash+!tablet+!mobile" ondown="set(hlookat_moveforce,-1);" ondowncrop=" 88|88|44|44" onhover="setmenutext(leftmenutxt, Move Left);" onovercrop=" 88|44|44|44" onup="set(hlookat_moveforce,0);" style="leftstyleflash" x="145"/>
    <plugin name="moveright" crop="132|0|44|44" devices="flash+!tablet+!mobile" ondown="set(hlookat_moveforce,+1);" ondowncrop="132|88|44|44" onhover="setmenutext(leftmenutxt, Move Right);" onovercrop="132|44|44|44" onup="set(hlookat_moveforce,0);" style="leftstyleflash" x="195"/>
    <plugin name="moveup" crop="176|0|44|44" devices="flash+!tablet+!mobile" ondown="set(vlookat_moveforce,-1);" ondowncrop="176|88|44|44" onhover="setmenutext(leftmenutxt, Move Up);" onovercrop="176|44|44|44" onup="set(vlookat_moveforce,0);" style="leftstyleflash" x="245"/>
    <plugin name="movedown" crop="220|0|44|44" devices="flash+!tablet+!mobile" ondown="set(vlookat_moveforce,+1);" ondowncrop="220|88|44|44" onhover="setmenutext(leftmenutxt, Move Down);" onovercrop="220|44|44|44" onup="set(vlookat_moveforce,0);" style="leftstyleflash" x="290"/>

Would yield the desired effect.
However when I'm working with the: ondown="set(hlookat_moveforce,-1);" i'm not sure how/where keybaccelerate, keybspeed, & keybfrictin would be added. Would anyone of you be able to help me out?

Thank you in advance,


Ah ha! Editing the hlookat_moveforce,-1 to -,3 did the trick... Though that seemed to have only impacted to max speed. Curious if acceleration & friction can be altered too.
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