Placing your Logo/Info into a client's virtual tour.  

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Placing your Logo/Info into a client's virtual tour.

by Octavias » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:32 pm

Ok, so i assume everyone had tackled this issue at some point in time. When you first start doing Virtual Tours for money, you are happy people are liking your work and everything is going great, but a moment comes when your work becomes exponentially better than your first panorama and you want to BRAND it and use your work to market itself for you.

My questions to you all is, how does one approach this topic with the future clients, and how has it been done before?

Of course I will not call my past clients and tell them " Hey, I have remade the tour with my logo on the nadir or my a link to my site with my company name and let me replace it!" But i do want to avoid an uncomfortable situation with my new clients.

So, how do I bring it up to a new client?
What is the best way to brand your panoramas? (Right/left/bottom corners or Nadir Patch or in the navigation menu?)
Should i offer an up sell if they want to be branded free from my logo?

Thanks for the advice gang!

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