Flash Menu, how to link each button to its own panorama?  

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Flash Menu, how to link each button to its own panorama?

by AH360 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:00 pm

Hi everybody,

I have some question to create my own Menu at Adobe Flash.

I usually create each button in Flash individually, then, I insert into the main .xml file, each one at its own position and loading its own panorama, like this code below:

<plugin name="living" url="360data/graphics/btn_living.swf" align="righttop" x="10" y="10" preload="true" keep="true" width="140" height="25" onClick="mainloadpano(3600.xml);" />

The link of this pano is here: http://www.ah360graus.com/tour/yticon_duetto/360.html

But I really like to be abble, to create the entire menu in Flash and allready insert each button link inside Flash, because is very painfull when you have a big menu.

I´m not an Actionscript expert and I don´t know how to load de "3600.xml" (like the code I wrote above) right into the Flash Menu.

Anyone could help me on this?

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