PTP folder settings.  

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PTP folder settings.

by deedee7 » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:24 am

Hello. I keep all my PTP .kpt project files in a separate folder. It would be nice if PTP could remember that, so that when i click "open project" it would always open this folder. Instead, it opens the folder where I last built the tour into.
Also, when linking images with hotspots , when I click "select" in the LINK panel and navigate to the folder with images for the current project and choose the image, the next time I click "select" to link an image for another hotspot within the same project it doesn't open the last used folder which would be logical. Instead I have to navigate to the same folder for every image in the project.
Am I doing anything wrong? Or maybe it's win7 not PTP?
Thank you.

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