How is this template / setup made?  

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How is this template / setup made?

by WideEyes » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:53 pm

Hello everyone

I am new to this forum and to Panotour Pro, so please excuse if my questions are too basic - I might have misunderstood something and I know that I still have a lot to learn!

I am starting to use KRpano as I want the opportunity to export to all devices. I was greatly inspired by

See one of their tours here:

I have still not figured out how to make a template like this. In other tour building software packages like FPP or Tourweaver/EP it is possible to link a hotspot to the viewer / scene and that way build the template with a header and a footer like the tour from 360worldguide. With other software packages it is also rather simple to place hotspots to show statically in each panorama. Like 360... does with all the icons and menus at the upper right and lower left corner.

One more question. In the lower left corner they have found a way to group the panoramalist in to different categories like "Meeting rooms" "Restaurants" etc. how have they done that? I can't figure out how to select only a few of the panoramas from the entire tour. Is it possible to group the panoramas with thumbnails?

I hope someone can help me asap so I can get started with Kr Pano :)


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by jeradg » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:38 pm

It's probably done with some knowledge of the actual coding.

I think that all of the different software options are still lacking a thing or two (or more in some cases) that would make any tours look really well-polished, professional-grade tours with no effort.

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by Destiny » Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:45 am

Hi... Yes.. knowledge of xml coding is required and knowledge of creating buttons sets too.. It can be done in ptp but its time consuming....

Also, the issue is.. if you need to change something on your tour, you MUST save your xml code or you will have to do it all over again.. I am sure the ptp V* will have many new goodies which might make the kind feature easy to add... At the moment, you will require a lot of time and coding skills to do it.. I have done it in the past just to see if it can be done.. Problem is.. unless its a big high profile job, its will take you too long to do so might not be worth while..

Good luck.. start with tying to understand your main xml file.. Also, check out your graphics folder to see how the buttons work.. You can use those as templates...


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by Nelike Imagery » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:55 am

Destiny wrote:Also, the issue is.. if you need to change something on your tour, you MUST save your xml code or you will have to do it all over again.. I

Destiny, i have found that easiest way to circle this problem is to create own xml file for the graphics :) Need to change something in panos? No worries, re-export and the just include the graph.xml and everything works again and no need to make everything all over again :) Just a small tip.

@Morten. That is purely doable in xml coding and after some time, it's not so hard :) Check more from here:

Main thing is, you create own buttons, make them as plugins in the code, place where you want. Example button to open information of your venue on background on top of the screen:

<plugin name="background" zorder="5" scale="0.6" align="top" edge="top" y="-30" x="40" alpha="1" width="100%" height="" children="true" scalechildren="true" handcursor="false" customColor="true" keep="true" onclick="" onhover="" url="graph/background.png" visible="true"/> <--This is background for the buttons, 100% width and on top of the screen. Just like in your example.

<plugin name="openinfo" parent="background" align="right" edge="right" zorder="5" blendmode="normal" height="" keep="true" onclick="action(showinfo);" onhover="showtext(Show introduction);" onout="" onover="" url="graph/infobutton.png" width="" x="20" y=""/> <-- This is the button. By onclick it will run action what will show the info. It's parent is background, Which means it is over the background and aligned on it. When set align"right" it will align on right of the parent, not screen.

<plugin name="info" parent="" align="center" edge="center" zorder="5" alpha="0" blendmode="normal" height="" keep="true" onclick="action(hideinfo);" onhover="showtext(Hide introduction);" onout="" onover="" url="graph/info.png" width="" x="20" y=""/>

Then the actions to call the info.

<action name="showinfo">
set(plugin[openinfo].onhover,showtext(Hide introduction));

<action name="hideinfo">
set(plugin[openinfo].onhover,showtext(Show introduction));

These actions set the info visible and make it appear middle of the screen. In this case the information is picture to make it simple. Iit will also set the infobuttons onhover text and action to make it able to close the info also.

Check more examples from KrPanos examples and forum & documentation. This is just basic example and i hope it helps you :)


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