Starting from scratch.  

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Starting from scratch.

by irpano » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:42 am

Hi, I am starting from scratch with PANOTOUR and whilst I can get some results they are haphazard. I have looked at the tutorials and read the manual. My problem is this.
What relationship does the pano image size have to the display on screen and how to control it.
Example - I have a pano downsized to 2560 X 1600 @ 100 dpi.
I drop the pano into panotour and then have to set the Picture settings

Is the 'Partial Panorama width' = width of the pano
Is the 'cutting size' = to the height of the pano
What then should the 'Maximum Prewiew size" be
and if I saved the original pano as a PNG , Is the jpeg quality important.

Sorry to be so basic but I cant seem to get any understanding as to how these setting affect the screen image.

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