Time of Little Planet and Help Intro + 3D Editor Panorama View  

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Time of Little Planet and Help Intro + 3D Editor Panorama View

by gkaefer » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:58 am

2 Problems I did come along:

fist setting under project properties -> Behaviour:

5 seconds for little planet
2 seconds for splash screen - help screen

following happens:
little planet and spash screen is active and after little planet is finishing than 2 seconds later the splash screen is closing. So spalsh screen is finally 7 seconds active and from little planet most part was covered by the splash screen.

is it possible to add option so both features not done synchronus, but in sequence (first little planet and after little planet finished than spalsh screen)?

second as seen in my screenshot the 3D Editor Panorama View window does not show the panorama... whatever I do with this 360x180 pano it remains dark...
the pano I added is a 16bit png (a 32bit png where I added a mirrorball with imagemagic and imagemagic did convert it to 16bit)

bug or wrong usage? so finally I decided to place this case here and not under bug...

Liebe Gruesse,

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