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Panotour / Panotour Pro V1.5 RC

by AlexandreJ » Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:01 pm


This is the RC of Panotour / Panotour Pro.

new features:

* Branding free license is back in context menu properties
* Specific map hotspot are added in theme templates
* Shortcut for building and viewing the project
* All point hotspots can be resized


Max pixel zoom option is disabled by default because it can block autorotation

bug fixed:

* 280: lines in 3D preview and some exported 360
* 349: fix autoration with non 360 panoramas
* 350: fix display problem of menu in flash file
* 352: display of user defined hotspots in combobox
* 353: do not upscale preview of panorama
* 355: add missing check on server response when updating
* 364: panoramas warnings are removed when a project has been saved
* 366: fix initial state of autorotation button in some templates
* 367: add keyboard shorcut for rendering and viewing flash output
* 370: remove logo capture if there's no url link
* 372: fix animated hotspot use in theme
* 373: fix wrong display of thumbnails background
* 362: fix generic.html template
* 368: 3D preview update on transition set in hotspot properties
* 369: fix hotspot resize availability for all object hotspot
* 374: fix little planet animation with all menu templates
* 375: add default map hotspot in the theme
* 392: fix size of flying hotspot
* 393: fix exported data and view of cropped panorama
* 394: fix abusive history state emissions in hotspot editor
* 395: fix cube faces order on import
* 396: fix bad language display
* 407: fix transparency of background of temp directories completion popup
* 408: nadir scale not always applied
* 419: fix bad point hotspot display object type, cannot be a sound file
* 424: fix font effect saving in project properties
* 426: fix display of default font in project setting at startup
* 427: add a warning to user when building a tour with non standard font
* 428: fix xml to avoid errors in krpano when some text fields contain punctuation charcaters

Some users crashs have not been reproduced yet.

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