Panotour Pro .. Prices? Krpano-licenses? Confused !  

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Panotour Pro .. Prices? Krpano-licenses? Confused !

by panocanarias » Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:04 pm

seriously tried to gather exact infos here in the forums. Unfortunately I failed !
Will somebody from the company 'enlighten' me please? Have to make decisions ...

I consider to buy the forthcoming 'Panotour Pro'.
Afaik the anticipated price will be 299.- Euro and 'Panotour Pro' comes with a kind of embeded krpano license. Is that correct?

I already have a 'unlimited domain and tools license' which I bought from krpano in 2008.
Will it be possible to buy Panotour Pro without a krpano-license? Expected price?
(really do not need two krpanp liceneces.)

I do not have a Autopano (or AP Giga) license.

What will be the 'cheapest', most favourable way to get a Panotour Pro license (with unlimited domain krpano license at least)?

BTW: The development of Autopano Tour is suspended? Right?
So, buying a AP Giga licence is not quite reasonable when I actually need a tourbuilder?
And AP Giga with upgrade to Panotour Pro seems to be even more expensive:
(Price AP Giga 238.- € + upgrade to Panotour pro 199.- € = 437.- € !!!).

Aargh .. confused .... Please help ...

Salu2, Klaus

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by mediavets » Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:44 pm


I'm not an employee of Kolor but, while you await their response, here's my thoughts.

As you are probably aware Autopano Tour is currently bundled with Autopano Giga and not offered separately. Some advanced features of Autopano Tour are only enabled if you also have a krpano (unlimited domains as it was then) licence.

With the upcoming introduction of Autopano Pro/Giga V2.5 the tour builder (currently Autopano Tour) will no longer be bundled with Autopano Giga and its sucessors Panotour and Panotour Pro will be marketed as separate products. Panotour will offer roughly similar features to Autopano Tour, and Panotour Pro will offer roughly equivalent features to Autopano Tour + krpano licence.

IF you had a licence for Autopano Giga V 2.0 then because you already have a krpano licence you would get a free licence for Panotour Pro.

So IF Kolor plan to market Panotour Pro at 299 Euros (which seems to me to be far too high a price, but what do I know...) it looks as if the least cost route for you to obtain Panotour Pro could be to get a licence for Autopano Giga V2.0 whether you need/want it or not. This would then give you a (free) licence for Panotour Pro plus of course a licence for Autopano Giga V2.5.

Of course APG is a very fine stitcher.
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by ThomasK » Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:59 pm

From the FAQ:
A) Criterias to get Panotour/Panotour Pro ?
B) How to get my free licence of Panotour/Panotour Pro ?
C) Link to the FAQ
D) Buy Autopano Giga
E) Upgrade to Panotour Pro
F) Sell your Autopano Giga license
G) Be happy as before, but now with Panotur Pro :lol:
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by panocanarias » Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:41 pm

Thank you Andrew ! Thank you Thomas :-)
So, just to repeat and recapitulate ..

I will
1) buy a APG 2.0 Licence without krpano licence (199.- + Tax).

Together with my 'own' krpano Unlimited-Domain-Licence (bought directly from in 2008) I
2) will then have a functioning 'package' APG/AP-Tour.

Furthermore, with the APG 2 Licence and my 'own' krpano Unlimited-Domain-Licence I
3) also will obtain a Panotour Pro licence (resp key) which

4) gives me a fully functional copy of Panotour Pro (not only the beta) and hopefully a few updates too.

So far, so well ..
A few questions I still do have (just to be sure):

a) Sure, that I can use my 'own' krpano licence for the procedure ? Anybody tried/did that before ?
b) Sure, that I will obtain a Panotour Pro licence, not only simple Panotour ?
(following the screenshots turk52 posted in this thread [],
I'm a bit afraid, having to pay another 199.- € for the Pro version)

c) I will not have, for any reason, to buy a APG 2.5 upgrade (only interessted in Panotour Pro) ?

Would be nice to see Kolor confirmation here ..
Ideally together with announcment of coming Panotour prices ... ;-)

Sorry to have such a lot questions.
But imho Alexandre (kolor) and Klaus (krpano) are making things unnecessary complicate,
having intransparent relations, funny contracts and confusing pricing polices. Puh ...

Salu2 ! Klaus

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