[APG 2.5.0 A1 Win 7 64] memory not released when Render is done  

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[APG 2.5.0 A1 Win 7 64] memory not released when Render is done

by GURL » Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:19 am

Render memory is released only when APG is closed, not after each Render job is done. This is unusual (with previous versions it was released when "Render job is done" message was displayed.)

User closing 2.5 between stitchs is preferable ?

Exemple [8 GB memory - 4 CPU]

Capture 1 : I "closed" all groups and "closed" all panos in the main window but a large chunk of memory is not released
Capture 2 : after capture 1, I detected + optimized + rendered another pano, the previous one is still visible in the Render window

Note :rolleyes: : with those long version ID between brakets a meaningful title if often difficult to find...


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