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Archive of all bug reports prior to 2011.
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Readme first

by AlexandreJ » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:01 pm


I decided to create a temporary subforum to talk about the new engine.
It breaks a bit the rules designed before, but I really think that it's the best to talk about the new engine in a single one forum that in several forum.

So please, everything about the new engine should be posted here.


Use the version inside bracket :
[2.5.0 A1] Description as efficient as possible

We will post our comments inside the topic :
- confirmed, fixed, need some more description, share the panorama set to check it, etc.
- topic header will not be changed to prevent links from the wiki to broke, so get it straight the first time.

Note 1 : Internally, we are using since a couple of month some standard bug reporting tool. We'll try to work with it on this forum too.
A new bug, not reported yet, will get an issue number and tracked by this number here.
For the moment, we don't put that bug reporting tool public because I'm not sure every reporter could use it in the right way that it should be.
Nevertheless, I really thing that once we are used to it, we'll probably put public that part too and you will have a formalized way to describe bug ( If you know bugzilla, it will be like this one. It's not, but it similar ).

Note 2 : Releases were really hard to do for us because it can take a lot of time just doing and checking all compilation. This will be soon over too. We are setting a buildbot tool here which is totally automatic build system. This will gain us a lot of time and because of that, it will be possible to have quite one release per week or perhaps even nightbuild. I really waiting for the deploy of that tool, so that we can concentrate on the bug not on the releases themself.

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