[APG 2.5RC WIN64] has problems reading own files  

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[APG 2.5RC WIN64] has problems reading own files

by hd_pano » Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:52 am

i was in the wrong forum, so here again:

i created a pano with 300 pictures (6x50) with papywizard.
I imported the xml and pictures and the pano was already nice. some pictures (in the sky) didn't get any control points, but were thanks to the script alligned well. I optimized it by setting the vanishing point, some vertical lines and changeing some control points. After all i got a pano which satisfied me on the preview with a global RMS of 2.93.
As i needed my computer for other jobs i saved the project as a pano file and closed APG. In the evening when i was ready with my work i wanted APG to render the pano. I loaded the pano file to APG and wondered, the pano was a totaly chaos, the global RMS was 53 and no picture was on its place. Even an new optimization didn't bring any correction.
Can someone tell me what i made wrong? How can i save my work so that i can reproduce or improve it later?
Perhaps there is a problem that the script is very asymmetric (yaw: -1, 221; pitch: -19,19). funny: APG wants to create a spherical (360/180) pano. the versin 2.0.9 creates a cylindrical pano but als 360°. When i set the vanishing point and set it to cylindrical it looks correct at the preview, but only till i optimize the project, then all is back! Why?

Other problems i had in the last fiew days:
I tried to make a pano 360/180 with 3x8 pictures (bracketed).
when i use the "control point editor" it shows some funny lines at the left (or right) border which doesn't start or end at picture. I hope i can manage to upload a screenshot to show it.
Is it possible not to overlap the information. For example in the diagoals between four images in a square i can only see the RMS of one pair of pictures, the other is hidden. And when i want to click on it is random which pair i get. In this small picture i can bypass it, but i tried a larger pano (9,16,20,20,20,16,9 pictures) and here it is very hard to get the right pair of pictures especially when i have large overlap.

When i tried to render the panorama i get an error message, that i have not enough disk space. I had set in the settings a tempory folder on a partition which has 82 GB free. On my working partition there are 5 GB free (which should be enough for the rendered panos), but the program wants to use 14 GB why?

The "verticals tool" is nice and usefull to adjust the pano. But when i change something at the panorama (for example change a control point and do a reoptimize) it is gone. Isn't possible to save the information and use it for example also at the optimization. And when go back tho the "verticals tool" i see my former lines and can change them or add new ones.

regards hd_pano

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by AlexandreJ » Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:37 pm

Issue 479 probably

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by Simon Wicker » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:47 pm

i had exactly the same problem here:


cheers, simon w.

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