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by pedro-esdi » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:43 am

I work on a company where we work with autopano since its first beta version, We have 2 problems with panopro

Problem 1
All objects are renamed by numbers, when exported!!!!
Ex: if I have a object that cals arow-front.swf It would be great that when exported, the panopro engine didn't renamed the object as spot20.swf neather a second object that when placed on program as pop-up-x.swf, when exported becames object5.swf.
It would be nice that when exported it gards the name of the object icered like front-arrow.swf or pop-up-x.swf

Problem 2
All spots are renumbered when exported
Ex: If we incert a spot on the firs image of a tour with 100 images all spots of the images that came after these one will be renumbered.
It would be nice that when saved the project guard the total number of spots incered, so if we incert a spot after, it numbers on continuing the numerotation that it has guarded before, independent of being on the fist or on the last image.

We make tours with over than 100 images and we are obligated to insert the real name of all spots and objects because the panopro engine rename every time we export.

I hope I made me clear. If I didn't you can ask me for aditionals examples.
I hope that this is on the engin improvement project, cause this is very important for us to reduce the time spended on the xml file the cames out from panopro engine. And the renaming of ten spots on hundred images becames the renaming of a thousnd spots everytime we export a project.
Pedro ESDI

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