simple test and many problems...  

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simple test and many problems...

by gkaefer » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:03 am

APG2.5b2 testing on Win7 64bit.

I took 9 images from same location focused on same object (little watch)
my idea is make a pano with different focal length so I can zoom to the watch until I see the watch taken with the 210mmm image...

From 1.5m distance I used
8mm Samyang Fisheye,
18-50mm Canon standard EFS objective at 18, 24,37 and 50mm
an old EF 70-210mm Canon lens at 70, 100, 135 and 210mm
so 9 images in total.

image 1. shows result trying to stitch the normal without any problem generated group using 8standard and one fisheye image, which was recognized as 50mm standard...
wrong filesize, wrong calculated dimensions in the group, wrong space needed calculated and rendering failed.

image 2 shows the wrong recognized image. If I manually correct the values, it failes with hint that fisheye and standard images cant be mixed...
Ok may it ore not... but why can I add these mix of images to the group without getting this error and why is APG recognizing this as non fisheye (ok I assume because manual lens so no EXIF and so standard values defined will be used....)
but on other side: If I dont coorect the values to fisheye, why rendering fails....

image 3 show my second try without the fisheye image. dimensions look better now, rendering works without problem

but looking at images 4 and 5 shows next problem now:

iamge 4 shows image properties with correct data read from the EXIF data available. the example image correct recognized as 210mm *1.6 Canon EOS400D image recognized with 340mm 35 equivalent.
image 5: looking at the values of sorted layers or the group display complete wrong values the left 340mm should be 210mm and the 35mm equivalent is shown as 978mm instead of the 340mm...

and in image 5 I compare the original source image and the final rendered layer both at 100%
why is the rendered layer so much smaller?

all layers show the watch at same size. so if create a pano with multiple focal length that this does not work. I cant zoom into the watch... I just stack 8 layers of watch and the object is on all layers more or less equal in size and the higher focal length layer image is in dimension much smaller than the lowest focal length layer.

error, wrong handling, wrong workprocess?

Liebe GrüàŸe,

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by Brines » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:43 am

Did you ever have success with this?

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