Image quality - Contrast and saturation  

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Image quality - Contrast and saturation

by hermer-blr » Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:49 am

Here is my workflow:

- Nikon D60 + Sigma 10-20 lens (set @ 10)
- 3 raws of 8 images shot handheld (use of my tripod to locate the nodal point in space and handheld rotation around the nodal point - thus, error is limited to a few centimeters)
- Raw files transformed into tif with nikon capture nx2
- Autopano Giga with multiple viewpoints - rendering "none" - ghost removal - RMS achieved typically 1.7 - result perfect, except...

EXCEPT what : the feeling (hard to quantify) that the contrast and saturation are too strong. If I compare the panorama with the original images, the difference is visible. Is there a way to avoid that ? Would that be possible to output the pano in an hdr format (without ticking any HDR box), then tonemap the file with Photomatix ? And would that improve this ?

- When I transform the raw files into tif files, I play with exposure, low lights and high lights, in order to reduce as much as possible under and over exposed areas - When I input the files in Autopano, I obviously correct the exposure accordingly to reflect this.
- In Nikon capture, I also apply a small filter to improve image sharpness ("masque flou" in French), to take into account the fact that I will render the panorama with reduced resolution (50 Mpixels instead of a possible 120 MPixels), ie Autopano will undersample the initial images
- But I do not play with contrast and saturation or with any other image improvement functionality of Nikon Capture
Nikon D5100 (formerly Nikon D60) - Sigma 10-20 - 24 shots Panoramas in 3 raws
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by AlexandreJ » Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:18 pm

It seems here that the default exposure fusion mode is perhaps doing too much work compared to the one you are looking for for your bracket.
Could you post an preview here ? ( would be more easy to discuss about it )

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